The Deceitful Difficulty of Simplicity

As a creative problem solver by trade, the golden goose I find myself chasing time and time again is a simple elegant solution that seems so obvious, it’s surprising that nobody thought of it first. I’m a creative person: I know this because people have told me so my whole life. So why is this simple, elegant solution I seek so impossibly unattainable? The answer is perspective and time.

Try This:

Think of something you’d consider yourself quite proficient at. Now, try to remember the first time you tried to do whatever that is. How did you feel? Were you efficient in the way you finished the task? How long did it take you to improve? How many small lessons improved your efficiency as you continued to hone your skills? How many years did you spend shaving minutes or seconds off what you’re doing? Did you find the need to completely rework your strategy after learning more about doing whatever it was?

Moving Forward

You see, the everyday simple solutions all around us look obvious in hindsight, but each of these things, ideas, processes took years, decades, lifetimes to simplify. The conundrum we’re all faced with when we venture to do anything can be summed up in this way. We’re looking for the most efficient way to do something we’ve never done before, but we can’t learn the most efficient way to do it without starting. Start now! Finished is often better than perfect. You don’t get perfect right away, but if you really care about the thing you want to do, the best time to start is today.

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